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London Upholstery Deep Steam Cleaning

No matter what fabric covers your sofa, cushions, pillows and car seats, thorough cleaning at regular intervals is called for, because dust and dirt particles settle on your upholstery and mingle with trace oil and grease from our bodies, leaving your upholstery dull and prone to allergens.

Extend the life of your upholstery by getting it cleaned regularly. No matter what fabric covers your upholstery, London Super Cleaners can leave your upholstery looking new, fresh and free of allergens.

We can clean:

  • sofas /settees
  • cushions
  • pillows
  • car seats
  • love seats
  • dining chairs
  • arm chairs
  • recliners
  • or your favourite rocker

Our licensed, bonded & insured staff have years of experience in dusting, vacuuming, shampooing, sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing. With our affordable cleaning services, your upholstery will stay cleaner, fresher and looking newer.

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning and auto cleaning upholstery services can also help control allergies & asthma.

London Super Carpet / Upholstery Cleaners, deal in:

  1. Dry upholstery cleaning
  2. Leather and Fabric upholstery cleaning
  3. Home upholstery cleaning
  4. Business upholstery cleaning
  5. Car upholstery cleaning

London Super Carpet / Upholstery Cleaners  are your fiber protectors & maintenance provider.


London Upholstery Steam Cleaning professional upholstery cleaning team will do a great job on your car. The team loves cleaning leather upholstery and will treat any other car upholstery cleaning task with vigour.

London Upholstery Steam Cleaning are proficient at using only the best cleaning machine for upholstery such as Truck Mounts.